To maintain your CPHIT, CPEHR, CPHIE or CPORA, you are required to earn CE and pay the $100 maintenance of certification fee on a bi-annual basis. For example, if you earned the CPEHR in February 2007, your first renewal was due on December 31, 2009. If the renewal is implemented, your second certification renewal was due on December 31, 2011. If the second renewal was put into effect, then the next renewal will be due on December 31, 2013.

If you have earned two, three, or four of the following, CPHIT, CPEHR, CPHIE or CPORA, your renewal of multiple certifications is based on the date of the first certification earned. For example, if you earned the CPHIT in May 2005 and the CPEHR in January 2007, you need to earn 12 CE hours and pay the $100 maintenance of certification fee by December 31, 2007. Your next certification renewal after this (for both certifications) would be due December 31, 2009.

Applicable CE activities include attendance at seminars, training programs, audio-conferences, journal clubs, and demonstrations sponsored by healthcare professional associations, societies, or other organizations providing information new to you on EHR, HIT, HIE and ORA, as well as other CE activities relating to EHR, HIT, HIE and ORA that provide you with new information on EHR, HIT and HIE and are recognized for their contribution by healthcare professional associations, publishers, or other organizations relating to EHR, HIT, HIE and ORA (e.g., article on EHR).

Health IT Certification will revoke the credential(s) of any individual who fails to complete the CE requirement and/or pay the registration fee by December 31 at the end of the two-year cycle. If your certification is revoked, you may apply to have your certification restored.

The pre-requisites for Certification restoration are as follows:

  • If your Certification has been revoked within the first calendar year of expiration, you can apply to have your Certification re-instated by paying a $295 fee and submitting your required CE units.
  • If it has been more then one year since revocation of your Certification, you will be required to re-test for your Certification program.
If you have any questions about this process please call the Health IT Certification support office at 888-599-4583.

Process for Reporting CEs Earned

Health IT Certification, LLC, maintains a web site for posting your CE. When you are ready to post your CE hours, log on at the User Login tab with the User ID and Password which were sent to you when you were first certified, or the password that you have subsequently changed to. Complete the online form with the following information. (Clock hours are rounded to nearest whole number; e.g., 90 minutes = 1 hour, 105 minutes = 2 hours.) You may fax or mail your renewal by downloading the form from the web. Or, you can document your CEs earned in your user account (User Login Tab) online, and pay for your certification renewal online with a credit card.

Retain a copy of evidence of any CE you post (e.g., certificate of attendance, program agenda signed by program sponsor or speaker, copy of publication). Once payment is completed and CE posted, Health IT Certification, LLC, will notify you that your credentials have been validated. Health IT Certification, LLC, reserves the right to request evidence of your continuing education activities, and to revoke any credentials where such evidence cannot be supplied within the designated timeframe or for failure to complete the CE requirement by December 31st of the applicable year.

These requirements are effective April 11, 2007. Any changes that may be made in these requirements will be posted to the Health IT Certification website 90 days in advance of their effective date.

To submit your CE Credits, please download the form and mail or fax the completed form with payment to:

858-228-1743 Health IT Certification Office
4676 Commercial St. SE #127
Salem, OR 97302-1902

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