Health IT Certification Special Course: ARRA Stimulus Package Impact on Health Information Technology

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The most common problem in accessing a Health IT Certification course is with your browser not allowing you access to a pop-up window. This is generally caused by a setting in your browser that prevents these pop-ups. To access the Health IT Certification course above, you need to temporarily disable your pop-up blocker.

The main pop-up blocker on your Internet Explorer browser menu is located under 'Tools' and an option labeled 'Pop-up Blocker', which will then give you two options to either 'Turn off Pop-up Blocker' or 'Pop-up Blocker Settings'. If you do not wish to turn off your pop-up blocker while viewing the course material, the Settings option will allow you to add the website under 'Address of Web site to allow:' then add in our website address.

If this still does not allow you to begin viewing the course, there is likely another pop-up blocker active on your Browser, and it is likely the Google pop-up blocker. You can override any pop-up blocker by holding down the 'Ctrl' key on your keyboard when you click the link to start the course, or you can disable this pop-up blocker as well.

To disable your Google pop-up blocker, next to the Google bar on your browser window is a button labeled 'Settings', then select 'Options', then the 'More' tab, and the second option down should be 'Popup Blocker' and there is a checkbox to enable/disbale the pop-up blocker. Then hit 'Apply', and 'OK' to exit, then attempt to click the link again.

If at this point you are still unable to begin the course, please call us at 888-599-4583, and we will walk you through the issue and resolve it.

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